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We all owe a big thank you to the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe. They never gave up on getting those two dams torn down, and today that dream is becoming a reality.

Billy Frank, Jr., Chairman, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission(Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission News, 2011)


In the 21st century, the public is more environmentally conscious and aware than ever. There is a big emphasis on fully functioning rivers with a healthy ecosystem. This represents a shift in how restoration efforts for rivers with dams are being implemented. In the case of the Elwha River, this marks the largest dam removal in US history. Dam removal began on the Elwha River in mid-September 2011. Today, the Elwha Dam is gone, all of Glines Canyon Dam has been removed, the Lake Mills and Lake Aldwell reservoirs have drained, and the Elwha River flows freely from its headwaters in the Olympic Mountains to the Strait of Juan de Fuca for the first time in 100 years. (Source Olympic National Park).

Flying FishViews Connects You With Elwha River Salmon

The legacy of the Elwha River is the Chinook salmon. The river was home to some of the largest Chinook salmon in the northern hemisphere. Flying FishViews (F2V) recorded spawning Chinook salmon. Seeing Chinook salmon spawning in areas where they have not spawned in over 100 years is important to all. Flying FishViews aims to assist in the monitoring and assessment of the Elwha recovery to benefit Scientific Research, Natural Resource Management, Conservation, Recreation and Education Interests. With the beta version of our mapping and publishing platform, we are excited to introduce a unique way to comprehensively capture and visualize the natural recovery process of a river. Learn more. Looking to the future, F2V intends to work with Elwha River stakeholders to capture the evolutionary process underway and to extend the project further upriver eventually capturing the entire 45 miles, from source to sea.

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Rating: F2V Priority One Project Rating
Client: F2V Funded Project
Date: August 29th, 2014
Tags: Elwha, Dams, Salmon, Restoration

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% River Mapped 33%
Number of Photos Taken 30K
WQ Measurments Taken 26K

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